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Hello you beautiful, isolated people. By making use of all this quaran-time on my hands lately I’ve managed to accomplish a life-long goal: finishing a full-length movie screenplay.

Beginning, middle, and over-the-top CGI-monster-fight end.

Coincidentally (unless you’re privy to the conspiracy stories), my story takes place in a world eerily akin to the one today in which all of humanity is forced indoors, slowly losing their collective marbles as they scour social media for any trace of human connection and eagerly count the hours ‘til the next amazon package or hit Netflix series arrives.

Only difference is instead of a pandemic sparking social distancing it's a mass outbreak of man-eating pterodactyls! And believe me, they are just as proliferous as they are carnivorous.

The title?: The Pterodactyl Club

It’s a long read but if - for some reason - you’ve found yourself with time to kill lately, shoot me a comment or DM and I’ll send over the pdf. Would post it publicly but not sure if I can since I entered it into contests.

Thanks for the continued support, stay safe and creative out there.


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