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Heliocentric Daydream

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

What is our time here for? What is our purpose, our prewritten story? Which path will bring the greatest joy and fulfillment?

These are relatively novel concerns in the history of humanity – undeniable first-world problems – but they nevertheless lay abundant in our generation, adding to ever-ballooning anxieties…and they ought not to be scoffed off or swept ‘neath the rug.

As a boy I was asked – as all children are – what I wanted to be when I grew up. But with each inquiry, my response would change. Sometimes I wanted to be an NBA player. Other times a movie director. On occasion a National Geographic animal photographer. Ad infinitum.

But truth was I didn’t want to be any of those things.

I wanted to be all of them.

The paradox of choice is that as the quantity of our options increase so does the difficulty in making a decision.

There are so many paths to take, occupations to occupy, and ways to live – so how do we choose?

Today I posted a song: Heliocentric Daydream. It’s a simple song – five chords and a capo – but it highlights this feeling of overwhelming uncertainty that accompanies modernity. An uncertainty I’ve experienced often since graduation.

It is a somber song, a plea for something external to illuminate the right path forward – but it ends with an optimistic epiphany: there is no right path. No singular, seamless way to live.

There is no story but the one you write with each coming decision.

So – instead of grasping at ghosts – we ought to learn to trust ourselves, make choices that resonate with our souls, and live unreservedly in this short time we have…as we circle the sun.

Listen to the song here:

The lyrics, if you’d like:

Tell me the story of the

Man that you’ll become.

Does time bring you closer to him?

Or are you always on the run?

In circles ‘round the sun?

With all of these paths before me,

How do I choose the one?

At time the world feels so heavy.

Has gravity been undone?

Or am I the broken one?

I hope I live to see

The best of me

Brought to life.

Before these pleasant dreams

And reveries


I know a heart is beating

Somewhere in my chest.

I know my time is fleeting

But today I just need to rest.

And tomorrow I’ll be back.

Oh show me the way to

Vitalize this life.

I know what I’m meant to be

But can’t seem to get it right.

Can you help me get this right?

I hope I live to see

The best of me

Brought to life.

Before these pleasant dreams

And reveries


Cuz I don’t need faith or fate

To illuminate

All the dark unknown.

Even with feet of clay

I’ll trudge my way

And make it home.

I’ll make it home. (x4)

So tell me the story of the

Man that you’ll become.


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