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Atom and the Universe

Hey guys…guess what…I PUBLISHED A BOOK!!

That’s right, my astronomy-themed sci-fi children’s book Atom and the Universe is available now on Amazon and most other places books are sold online!

The story follows Atom, a shiny little carbon particle whose life is spun upside-down when the star he calls home goes supernova, launching him on a journey through outer space where he encounters the Universe itself and learns important lessons on the circle of life at a cosmic level.

This was a very long time in the making and I am beyond excited to finally get it out there!

So if you’re shopping for kiddos this holiday season, look no further! Reading age range for Atom and the Universe is 2-8 years old, current pricing is $9.99 for paperback and $2.99 for an eBook.

Below is the Amazon link – thank you for all the support and be sure to drop a review if you buy!


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