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Opening the Mic

In an ongoing quest to vaporize all remnants of my comfort zone I played my first open mic last night at Aztec Brewery in Vista.

But I ain’t now stoppin’ yet nuh-uh.

The next 6 nights I’m sending open mics across San Diego (no song repeats) and live-streaming the performances on Instagram. Estimated schedule and locations posted below, for any San Diego friends in the area feel free to cruise through!

Uploading the full set from last night for my post today. Lots of nerves early on but feels great to get this under my belt.

Thanks to all who have shown support for my creative endeavors over the last few months, it’s given me the confidence to get past first steps like this one.

Open Mic Schedule:

1. Tonight (Friday): 9:30 PM, Ambassador Lounge at Liberty Station

2. Saturday: 7:00 PM, La Costa Coffee in Carlsbad

3. Sunday: 6:30 PM, Zel’s in Del Mar

4. Monday: 8:00 PM, Mr. Peabody’s in Encinitas

5. Tuesday: 9:45 PM, 1st Street in Encinitas

6. Wednesday: 6:00 PM, Witch Creek Winery in Carlsbad Village


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