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ARIADNE Cyberpunk Lyric Video

Updated: Mar 8, 2022


Ariadne is a rock reinterpretation of the ancient Greek labyrinth myth in which the hero Theseus is trapped in an endless maze only to escape through the aid of Ariadne, who cunningly provides him a thread tied to the exit. The narrator of this song experiences the same confined hopelessness that Theseus felt and grows desperate for his own Ariadne, or external savior of any kind, to appear from thin air and rescue him.

I wrote this song during a low in my life, when the mundanity of professional routine and regrets for the path I had chosen entangled themselves in an all-encompassing and (seemingly) inescapable prison. Instead of taking action to alleviate my circumstance, I was tempted to give up – to wait in patient misery for opportunity to materialize itself from darkness as I sunk further into the labyrinth. But, in part due to the epiphanies experienced while writing this song, I made a decision to take responsibility for where I was at in life and demand a better course forward.

In doing so, I eventually found my way through the maze.

And everything is sunnier out here :)


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